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Fire Pump Set With Electric Diesel And Jockey Pump


* Available Flow Capacities 50-1500GPM. Available Head/Pressure 1-14bar.
* Consists of Electric End Suction Centrifugal Pump, End Suction Diesel Pump, and Multistage Vertical Jockey Pump.
* Pumps are assembled with suction and discharge line accessories as well as Control Panel.
* This fire pump group can switch Automatically among the three pumps,both Manual and Automatic operation is available
* It can work when the power is off,customized size and pump group
* Technical Support and available spare parts, ISO 9001 Manufacturing Facility


Fire Fighting System,Fire Hose Systems,Fire Hydrant Systems,Fire Sprinkler Systems

End Suction Diesel Pump

* Available Flow Capacities 20---5500GPM.Available Head/Pressure 1---13bar.Available Power 3.7kw---250kw
* Suction Port: DN50---DN300,Discharging Port: DN32---DN250,This Pump can work when there’s no electricity
* Cylinder of the diesel engine: 1-6 cylinder all availableRPM from 1450 to 3600
* Including Radiator, base frame, PTO shaft, stop solenoid(WOODWARD),  vibration absorb, air filter, controller, muffler, tool box, plywood case, oil tank

*  Fire Fighting SystemIndustrial Pump,Agricultural Pump,Water Supply System

End Suction Electric Pump

* Available Flow Capacities 20---5500GPM.Available Head/Pressure 1---14bar,Suction Port: DN50---DN300
* Discharging Port: DN32---DN250,Easy for Maintanence
* Both stainless steel impeller and cast iron impeller are available tank


*  Fire Fighting System,Industrial Pump,Booster Pump,Water Supply System

PV/CDL-Vertical Multistage Jockey Pump


* Available Flow Capacities 8---900GPM,Available Head/Pressure 1---30bar,Suction Port: DN25---DN150
* Discharging Port: DN25---DN150 High pressure,Both stainless steel impeller and plastic impeller are available

*  Fire Fighting System,Booster Pump,Water Supply System

Purity Pump Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of high-quality industrial pumps, exporting to global market in competitive prices. We provide various reliable pumps for projects.Our main products are centrifugal pumps, fire pumps and system, industrial pumps and agricultural pumps.Our company was found in 2010, headquartered in Wenling (Zhejiang, China), equipped with professional lathe, punching machine, water testing apparatus, spray-painting plant, etc. Purity has over 200 employees, around 10% of whom are technicians engaged in R&D team.Our products and services have been deployed in more than 60countries. And we supply water pumps for many large projects like National Olympic Stadium. We also supply centrifugal and fire pumps to some well-known pump companies all over the world.Aimed to "Life From Purity", with the tenet of ‘innovation, high quality, customer satisfaction", we are striving for the top-ranking brand of industrial pumps.